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Web3Budapest Conference

In November last year (2022) Melinda visited the first Web3 Budapest in Hungary. Web3Budapest is  a dedicated event for  professional and business community organisation, which was established to bring together the participants of the Hungarian Web 3.0 ecosystem. Melinda was invited with her Metailor project where she talked about the future of digital fashion.  On this event she and her team member  Peter Varga had a panel discussion about the possible AR and VR use cases in the fashion industry.  

Let’s put Hungary on the international Web 3.0 map together!


Meta Gala -Crypto fashion Week

This special presentation by Crypto Fashion Week is the premiere of the Meta Gala, featuring celebrity avatars, metahuman influencers, and exclusive wearables from the hottest designers in the space, all coming together for a digital fashion benefit event on the stairs to the metaverse. Taking inspiration from the famed Met Gala and its cavalcade of stars and showcase of avantgarde costuming, the Meta Gala is a virtual experience and digital fashion show like no other, with the aim to raise money for a new design fund being developed to support the visions of emerging fashion creators working with NFTs all over the world. The Meta Gala experience and auction opens on the 17th of September 2021 at 11:11AM EST.

I was invited to this gala and it was here that I first appeared in Metaverse The Aphrodite dress from the Sky Goddesses collection was successfully auctioned off.

Check the MetaGala promo video below:

Decentraland -Know Origin Metaverse Gallery

The opening of the portal” 

I created this scene for the @fabricant x Adidas x Karlie Kloss #makingstrides contest, an initiative to celebrate young technical talents. My work has been explored by the feeling: the opening of the portal of new opportunities with forces of the female team. This was selected in the TOP 20 of the competition.

Tools used Clo3d, SD Source

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Budapest, Hungary


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