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2020 - Personal Project
Sky Goddesses collection

Aphrodite style catwalk

Sky Goddesses collection

I designed a collection where the classics of blue, gold and silk meet a sublime theme. This is how I found the goddesses in the castle of Olympus. I made a fashion show with 3 dresses.

The first dress is the “Aphrodite” dress, made of fine blue silk with a beautiful gold chain belt. The dress is full pleated.

The second dress is the “Athena” dress. I created this with a gold-toned corset, a neckpiece with a jewel, and a loose, floating skirt. To complete the look, I added particular details for the sleeves, I used the honeycomb smocking method.

The third dress is the “Hera” dress, made of blue silk with gold chains and gems. This dress too has a neckpiece with a jewel and honeycomb smocking part on the skirt.

All of the dresses are designed to make the goddesses look beautiful and powerful. They will be perfect for any special occasion or event.

Athena style catwalk

Hera style catwalk

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