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2019 - Personal Projects
3D catwalk for the IACDE 3D Summit - with my Kimono

3D catwalk for the IACDE 3D Summit - with my Kimono

How i created this Traditional Kimono?

The task was to create a unique style of kimono. When it comes to this outfit, people usually think of the classic style. That’s why I abstracted from this and came up with a sporty version. I made a pair of sports shoes to match it, in the Zori style.

I cut the kimono to fit loosely and be slightly oversized, with a belt bag to cinch the waist. I cut the fabric in panels to create a unique shape, like a padded-style kimono for an extra sporty touch.

The model strides down the catwalk, her outfit creating a fascinating contrast between classic and modern. The red belt bag is a sleek and timeless accessory, while the black puffer kimono jacket is given a unique twist with its intricate laced detailing. The look is complete with a backdrop of a beautiful Japanese garden. The combination of the two styles gives the overall look an edgy yet sophisticated vibe.

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