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2021 - Personal Project
Baroness of Shadow” collection

Baroness of Shadow” collection

I made this dress at a time when I saw everything a little darker. With hellish princesses, face masks made of lace, leather, and velvet, and a runway blazing with fire, it’s a show that will leave an unforgettable impression. The models walk in a hypnotic trance, their steps echoing through the room as they stride forward the runway. As they reach the end of the runway, they pause to pose, their beautiful clothes illuminated by the flames. The crowd is mesmerized, and the music intensifies the atmosphere. As the show comes to a close, the models turn around and walk away, leaving a lasting impression of independent and mysterious aura, beauty, and danger.

  • I created the entire scene – background, walk, clothes – in Clo3d.
  • I took a part of the materials from my own 3D material and Substance Designer library.
  • I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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