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2023 - Group Project

The metaverse is a new playground for fashion brands.

The following experimental project aims to create 3D fashion products for Web3 audiences but not limited to digital versions.  We are proud that we are ready to produce physical dresses based on 3D models. The  team has several years of experience in the fashion, Web3 and 3D modeling fields. Our unique selling position is to integrate all garments with NFC chip technology to prove ownership and add extra utility to all fashion collections such as entry for a physical event using the power of NFTs. In addition to the above, our aim is to make blockchain technology easier to understand using real use cases like fashion products and other wearables. We believe that this service gives an extra value for all Web3 and digital fashion enthusiasts.  Our core team consists of expert developers, advisors and designers, who are all passionate about AR-based 3D creations, NFTs and the blockchains. It’s not a secret that this is a first step to move our fashion products to metaverses when the time comes. 

Collaboration with:


Our old dream is coming true by creating the entire 360-degree process of making a dress with the combination of 3D technology, WEB3, NFT, and traditional dressmaking. At the end of the process, the lucky customer, who is open to new things, will really wear the jacket he has chosen, with a unique color combination, made to measure, together with the bag and scarf.


With a small team of creatives, we have come together to create a unique and special project – a 3in1 jacket with a shopper bag and shawl. Based on the designs of Hungarian fashion designer Natália Gyulai and with the help of WEB3 development project manager Péter Varga, we are launching the 3in1 Lovejacket project, the fruit of our joint collaboration. The NFT collection will be available on the international Opensea NFT marketplace, and virtual AR clothing collections can also be viewed in the Prizma Designer Store. It is made of water-resistant and breathable fabric, and it is available in 3000 different colors. Customers can view the AR models on their smartphones or tablets by scanning a QR code. The material samples can be seen and touched. With this solution, we can offer a more genuine shopping experience in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way, without unnecessarily manufacturing and storing entire garments.

You can find more information about the jacket and the details of its production in Nati Gyulai’s webshop!

In any case, it is quite certain that the use of web3 will soon become part of our daily routine and it will be completely natural to use it and enjoy its benefits. Keep up with us!

NFT can be purchased here https://natipureidea.hu

Digital to Physical

The following NFT comes with a verified ownership in the digital and physical world. Buy your chosen MetaLoveJacket NFT to get access to a Metaverse ready avatar and an AR ready virtual Try-On feature. Also you are eligible to claim a real wearable jacket.Please note that the physical jacket will be delivered in 4 weeks to you after a claim is submitted. You can find more information about the jacket and the details of its production in Nati Gyulai’s webshop!


NFT can be purchased here: https://natipureidea.hu

When fashion meets technology, it can open a new era in web connected garments and wearables. Our NFC-powered smart fashion products bring functional features to the buyers. Our  team is working on the world’s first AR-enabled NFT collection that can be converted to real fashion wearable cards and metaverse assets. With the unique properties of NFTs to produce an app that is simultaneously powerful and easy to use. With the help of augmented reality our creators can discover new ways to fuse fun and utility through immersive AR. 

The Team

  • Melinda Manunta
    Digital tailoring artist
  • Natalia Gyulai
    Fashion Designer
  • Peter Varga
    Web3 Developer

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The Creation of Work flow

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