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About me
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Manunta Melinda
Senior Digital Tailoring Artist

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I am a 3D fashion designer, and digital tailoring artist. Passion , creativity and innovation are at the center of my work.
I started my journey towards fashion more than a decade ago. I live and work in Budapest. I became interested in fashion as a little girl, I designed and sewed my own clothes, so it is not surprising that later I drove all the way to Italy, where I got to know the really special textiles and fashion styles.
I founded my first business back in 2002. I provided Hungarian fashion designers and tailors with high-quality Italian raw materials

However, the real passion came to me in 2010 with 3D fashion design. The combination of technology and fashion was still in its infancy when I created an online clothing store with the help of VirTailor’s Startup with the 3D body scanner and developed the necessary online configurator.


if you can dream it you can make it...

Since 2011, I have been researching ways to integrate digital technology into fashion to add an extra layer to clothes and accessories.
I use the latest 3D software and technologies to create unique fashion pieces and garments, tailored to my client’s individual needs. I am passionate about finding innovative solutions to complex problems and am always looking for ways to improve my craft.
I am also proud to be part of the fashion tech community and share my knowledge and experience with other fashion professionals.
I have been working as an independent freelance 3D designer since 2019. My goal is to create a bridge between technology and fashion so that people can use digital tools to create their unique pieces of clothing. I want to allow people to express themselves through fashion and allow them to be creative. In the future, I hope to continue researching how technology can be used in fashion design and production. I believe that digital manufacturing will revolutionize the creation of clothing and accessories, making them more accessible and sustainable for everyone.

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Budapest, Hungary


0036 30456 -8717